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The company Parall'Axe Drones sas only offers services validated by the prefectures concerned by the assignments to be executed.

Our drone video and photographic services cover scenarios S1, S2 and S3

We take care of all the administrative procedures when preparing flights.

Certain flights are subject to specific regulations: around airports, military zones, etc.

We take care of the administrative procedures with the competent authorities to obtain these flight authorizations and secure the runway of our drones.



We are and always remain vigilant with security!



S1: simplest scenario which requires no authorization only if its rules are followed to the letter. It is a visual flight outside a populated area at a maximum of 200 meters from the telepilot. The weight of the drone must not exceed 25 kg.

S2: Flights are limited to an altitude of 50 meters but at a horizontal distance of 1 km. If the drone weighs less than 2 kg then it will be exceptionally authorized to fly up to 150 meters above sea level. The Flyingeye Inspector is particularly suitable for this type of mission with its weight less than 2kg. It is therefore possible to fly without seeing your aircraft provided you are outside populated areas. In any case, prior authorization from the DGAC is necessary for this type of flight.

S3: the only scenario that allows flying in populated or sensitive areas and in built-up areas. The S3 scenario is accessible to drones without a parachute weighing less than 2 kg. Beyond this mass and up to 8 kg, it will be necessary to equip your drone with a circuit breaker system and a parachute . From 4 kg the circuit breaker and the parachute must operate with a power supply and an independent transmitter. The pilot must be able to provide a certificate issued to him by the prefecture in the event of an inspection, a specific DSAC IR authorization. The Inspire 2 has been specially designed to practice on this scenario, consult our approved system among the safest on the market.

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